'B is for Bunny' Nursery Canvas

Sunday 22 July 2012
Hop, Hop, Hop!

Using four pieces of fabric, a little hand stitching and Bondaweb, I created this lovely canvas for Baby L's nursery in one evening. Is is 20 cm /8 inches square. The canvas is bought already stretched onto a wooden frame so all you need to do is create away. Here is how in three easy steps...

You will need -
  •  1 x 20cm square pre-stretched canvas
  •  Four pieces of contrast fabrics
  •  Packet of Bondaweb
  •  Embroidery Threads -   
    • DMC Perle 5 in two colourways 
    • DMC Mouline stranded cotton in one colourway
  •  Sewing Pins
  •  Embroidery Needle
  •  Grease proof paper
  •  Sewing Scissors
  •  Paper Scissors
Go Create...!

1. Templates

  I chose a theme of nature which you will see in many of my posts. I chose a classic rabbit motif and a leaf. For the letters I enlarged one on the photocopier and then cut it out. The leaf shape was also created as a template. Once I had my three templates I then cut these out of grease proof as you can see your fabric pattern through the paper!
   The templates were then pinned on fabrics and cut out.

2. Bondaweb

  The fabric was then ironed onto Bondaweb using a piece of greaseproof to protect your iron. The backing paper was then taken off. The the rabbit, letter and leaves for ironed straight onto the canvas. The greaseproof paper between your design and your iron stops any melted glue from seeping through.
A piece of fabric was cut as strip and Bondawebed onto the canvas 

3.  Stitching

  I used three coloured embroidery threads, red, soft green and white and the stitches open chain, french knot and running.
Diagrams are on the link below -
Running stitch around the leaves and open chain in green to make the stem.

Detail of the leaves
 Your creation is finished for you nursery. If you want to use the templates I have used please email me.

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