Rabbit Nursery Laundry Bag

Saturday 21 July 2012
Derby, UK

With all the washing and more washing with Baby L...

 I decided that a pretty laundry bag was in order. How can I use a laundry bag that is plain and functional!

This project took me a few hours (all not together) to make.

You will need -

1 linen bag for life 
20 cm square pieces of old fabric in red, beige, green
40cm strip of fabric to stitch across the top
1 reel of organza ribbon
Sewing threads in re and beige
6 buttons
Embroidery threads in red, green and cream ( I used DMC Perle 5 in green and cream and DMC Mouline in red)
Sewing needle
Embroidery needle
Dress making pins
Dressmaking scissors
Paper craft scissors

Let's create! ..

Getting started with Bondaweb ...

First of all I bought a plain bag for life cotton bag, then traced on greaseproof paper the shape of a leaf and a rabbit. I then pinned the greaseproof paper to my rabbit shape and cut him out. Now to introduce Bondaweb by Vilene (available from most good craft stores).

Take the fabric rabbit shape and trace around it onto the back of the Bondaweb. Then iron the wrong side of the rabbit to the Bondaweb and let a few seconds to set. The peel the backing paper off and you are ready to iron on the Rabbit to your bag.

Tip - I always put a piece of greaseproof paper between the fabric and the iron as the glue of the Bondaweb can sometimes get on your iron. You now have you rabbit motif to decorate. I decorated this with DMC Mouline thread in blanc - a few french knots for a tail and whiskers and you are off!  

... and lots of leaves.

I made a few leaves in exactly the same way as the rabbit and ironed them on - such a quick result. Then for ribbon leaves. Take your Bondaweb and lay on the back strips of ribbon so they just touch edge to edge. Then iron the Bondaweb on in the same way as per the rabbit and peel off the backing paper. Iron this ribbon leaf onto your bag.

Add an off cut of fabric as a strip along the top (with small hand stitches) and a cute little contrast bow.

Now for a bit more of embroidery...
To finish off your bag and make it look really personal, dig out your needle case and stitch using three stitches, running, open chain, french knot.  Link below to diagrams.

I used DMC Pearl 5 in Soft Green and Cream and a DMC Mouline in Red (666) in three stitches.

Then some buttons and a bow...

I rooted in my button box for a few buttons and beads to add onto the bag and then last Easter's chocolate Swiss Easter bunny bow! The colour was perfect red and finished off my rabbit design.

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