Baby Red Cat Note Book (Picasso Influenced!)

Saturday 21 July 2012
With all the tiny little things that Baby L is now doing, I decided to make a record of these in a note book. To make it unique in a few hours I covered a note book with a personalised cover to keep the notes preserved for the future.

First of all take a piece of calico fabric or similar, it needs to be strong as we are going to stitch on it. I stretched it over the book's hard backed cover and around the spine and secured with a few stitches on the inside front and back covers to the page a sew on pocket. I then went around the edge of the book and stitched the fabric taught.

Funky Cat was cut out and then ironed onto Bondaweb ( see earlier posts for how to use Bondaweb) and then the backing paper was peeled off and the Kitty was ironed onto the book. I used DMC Mouline threads in red and white to stitch on with running stitches the Kitty's face.

A few buttons were stitched on in red.

To close the note book a set of D rings (used for curtain tie backs} were stitched to the front and back of the book and ribbon was added to these to tie close.

Satin ribbon was sewn on onto the canvas with running stitch to compete the project!

Keep those secrets safe with our memory note book!

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