Patterned Kitty Shaped Card

Saturday 8 September 2012

Hey Kitty,Kitty,Kitty..

I just love working with unusual card shapes, this design took minutes and a craft knife to put together..

You Will Need -

Cat Card Pack. Try Craft Mania
Patterned Floral Card A5 and Messages Papercellar
Pink Bow
Double Sided Tape
Pink Button
Adhesive Pads (1cm diameter)
Paper Glue
Contrast Paper A5
Craft Knife and Cutting Board

Go Create!

Lay the floral patterned paper right side down on your craft board and then add paper glue to the front of your cat card. Stick the cat card to the patterned card and cut around the cards. Turn the card the right side up and trim off any rough edges so that the card fits the card perfectly!

Add a bow and double mount your message. Stick the message with the adhesive pads then  add the pink button.

Simple and in less than ten minutes you have a great card!

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