Christmas bath time treats..

Monday 10 December 2012

All it took was some gorgeous oils and butters and dried summer flowers..


and here are some quick bath time treats, perfect stocking fillers.

With the whole vintage and make do and mend culture has come the trend for making your own soaps and bath time treats - creams, fizzes and melts. I have no idea how easy it was until I was given a book on making your own last Christmas and yes, it is so easy.

The basics for the creamers really to is to melt you cocoa butters and shea butters into a gorgeous runny oil, add essential oils and a few petals and pour into cake cases. How easy is that? I decided to make these cream buttons by pouring less liquid into the cases so that they looked like white chocolate buttons and then once set, peeled off the cake cases and stack in little acetate bags. Easy gifting.  The set up cost was about £20 so really aim to make 20 things to recoup your money.
Twenty bath creamers and you are in gift profit.

If you have some roses just about to turn, pop them in the airing cupboard for a few days to dry out and add them to your oils just before pouring. I use one to test before I give them away (well that is my excuse!) and your bath is just one big pool of goodness ready to give your skin a good old condition. If like me, you are on your feet all day chasing around after a baby you will appreciate what I am saying.
Go onto a soap ordering site and they will help you order your oils to the right amount for how many you want to make. Enjoy!

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