My Creative Christmas Family

Friday 28 December 2012

 I love homemade gifts... tonight's post is a thank-you for some gifts made by love by my caring family!

I am really am blessed to have some talented people around my new little family. Here are some of the lovely homemade Christmas gifts we received on Tuesday. So tonight I am having a break and showcasing my family and some beautiful gifts, given with love.

Homemade Chutney

Made by Great Aunty Celia

Aunty Celia makes us chutney every year and it is mild enough for baby L to have for tea with her cheese sandwiches. We love chutney and I use it on everything sandwiches, toast and a spoonful in a curry always goes down well.

Crochet Baby Gifts

Made by Aunty Hazel

Baby L has some handcrafted crocheted knits for Christmas from Aunty Hazel, a pinafore and a jumper with crochet flowers and over sized buttons. I took a few pictures as I cannot wait to get baby L dressed up in theses handmade unique pieces. As they are winter colours we can team them up with tights and colourful bodies. So very cute...

Nordic Style Felt Bird Hanger

Made by Nana

For baby L, she has this beautiful Nordic style felt bird hanger. Each felt bird was stitched and embellished with beads and sequins in orange and pinks. It has a little bell on the end so we have attached it to her door so it rings each time you go into her room.

Homemade Christmas Cakes

Made by Grandma Cynthia 

Some handmade Christmas cakes were made and iced by my Mum as Christmas gifts. They were so light and a great idea, you never eat all the cake and these are kept really fresh. We have been eating our way through them and they stack in the cupboard. At Christmas time the cupboards are always full.


Party Dress

Handmade by Grandma Cynthia

I haven't been able to make some beautiful handmade dresses for baby L this Autumn due to my other crafty ventures and job hunting / interviews etc. So while I was busy looking to get back in the job market as a new Mum, my Mum helped out making a new dresses. This one was a surprise for Christmas day which she kept very quiet from me and I am sure that baby L will spend many happy times in this dress.

Spring Bulbs

Handmade by Aunty Melissa

How lovely, a pot of spring  bulbs wrapped in Christmas ribbon and decorated with small stones . In a few weeks we will have a show of Spring bulbs in our kitchen window to remind us that spring is just around the corner.

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