Baby Liberty Print Dress

Friday 10 May 2013
I have grown up with Liberty prints and now I'm stitching one for my little girl...

So when I saw this piece of fabric I had to buy it for a Summer dress for my Little L.

I love Liberty and used to spend hours wandering around the store on Regents Street (before baby came along). The haberdashery department is so inspirational and if you want to get something timeless and high quality go to this department. It had a refurb a few years ago and is fresher and easier to shop.

I wanted to know the name of the fabric and Liberty so kindly told me it is called 'Cheever' and was first printed in 1989. I have to admit I am a fabric geek and loved it had a '80's feel about it.

As it had the elastic in the top, designed to make a simple skirt by just seaming and hemming, I thought this was perfect for a Summer dress in a retro '80's style. Just like the ones I use to wear as a child!

Here is how I got on, in less than 2 hours of stitching and sewing...

1. Measuring Up
Measure around baby's chest and the length for the dress. Add on 2.5cm for each seam. Measure your fabric and cut.

You now have your dress cut out and ready to sew, unless your daughter wants to play Seamstress too!

2. Seaming Up
I used the seams under each arm and the elastic top was bulky and would of been uncomfortable on baby's spine as she lay. Seam down the side, open the seam and zig-zag. Then press open the seam and stitch in a square over the elastic to ensure the seam is flat and comfortable for baby to wear.

3. Stitch The Hem
I pinned the skirt up 1cm, machined around, lost the ends and then pinned up again another 1cm and hand slip stitched the hem.
Here is how I finish the ends off with a pull through method. Take the loose ends, thread on a sewing needle and pull through to end of the fabric. Trim off the excess. Hooray- a lost thread end for a professional finish!

5. Making The Straps
Mum taught me this method, to pull the strap through. Machine the fabric together, then on the top right side stitch a thread longer than the strap. Thread the needle through the strap to turn it the right side. Here is the fiddly part, using your needle, pull the strap through using the needle to pull. Over half way through you can pull on the thread and it will all come through! Magic. Tack and the press. Stitch your straps on by hand.

And here it is...

I really enjoyed making this dress and inspired to do more! I may need to give as gifts as they are so lovely to stitch and I have the bug!

Happy Sewing,

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