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Monday 6 May 2013
My Top 5 Week 1


I was inspired by MummaFox at to look at a 'My Top 5' for the week and see if I could set a goal of five things and stick to it for a week. Things for me.

Motherhood is beautiful, but also busy, tiring and time hungry at the same time. I wouldn't change it, just be a better juggler! Some days I think I have a few hours in the evening and Little L can't sleep or the washing needs to be done and there is my free time gone. I am not the only one, so the 'My Top 5' sounded a great project to get involved in.

So here is My Top 5 for the week....

1. Time in the garden
2. Next step to my online shop
3. Cook something I have never done before
4. Share my craftiness
5. And breathe!

So here is how I got on...

I worked out that for me to take time the garden even just to weed or tidy up, I needed to make sure Little L love it too. So we watered and grew some garden cress which by the end of the week seemed to be even more interesting!! Good start! 

Sometimes she wants to just throw gravel onto the seeds or play in the water but the whole experience is part of family life. Something we are adapting our lives to,so we don't stop doing things we love. Plus the garden is a little bit more presentable.

I am also in the process of making some beautiful vintage fabric accessories for my new online shop (more info This week I set myself a target of making my vintage fabric purses for the shop.

Here is just a sneaky peek at my colour palette, my old fashioned sewing techniques (no glue here!) of making the purses.

I am really excited to be sharing these online very, very soon.

Watch this space.
I decided that to share my craftiness, and take a freshly baked cake to a party on Friday. I never take my cakes out as a rule, as I don't want to look a show off if you know what I mean? I don't want to say that I can be 'super woman' and even bake cakes, run a home, bring a little girl up, set up businesses, be a landlord... I am sure other busy Mum's get my drift. But after looking at the sad cakes in the shop, I went home and baked one in an hour and it went down very well. Sharing my craftiness. I even put it on my blog I was so proud! Well done Mummy.

I also wanted to cook something I had never done before, my husband is not vegetarian and even though he is very good and mostly eats veggie food I decided to roast some chicken for him instead of buying pre-packaged pieces that aren't great. This was a basil and breadcrumb coated chicken thighs recipe I made up. He enjoyed it too.

I also managed a family bread recipe also on the same night, using bananas and cherries whilst cooking the family dinner. I felt such an achievement! My list was nearly complete!

..and breathe!

With our lives with a Little L, I don't have time in the week (at the moment) for pilates or yoga classes, but it is on the list. So each night when she goes to sleep I take time out for myself. I visualise and breathe and then I am ready for a relaxing evening and am getting a great sleep as a result.

Try it yourself... Click here 

So that is week 1, the gardening, purse making and breathing really made a difference.

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Enjoy your Top 5

Sam x

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  1. Lovely! Just to clarify, Poppy Fox is joining in. The idea originates from my blog.
    Loving that you are taking the time to self love! Keep it up.
    Regards, Leigh xxx