Customise Your Babies Clothes..

Tuesday 9 October 2012


Create A New Unique Look, customise your baby ...

Take two plain tops and give yourself one hour...

If you are new to customising, the whole thing maybe a little bit daunting, what is safe for baby, can I use this? What happens if she chews it? I think that it always helps to look in the stores and see that the brands do, then make sure that buttons and bows are stitched on properly and knotted at the back so they aren't that easy to take off. And that's it..take one hour and see that you can sew..
You Will Need  -
  • 1m of 5mm Satin Ribbon
  • 1m of 3mm Satin Ribbon
  • Handful of Buttons or Beads
  • 2in Silk Flowers (bought from Haberdashery Dept)
  • 2 Baby Tops (ideally plain to show off your work) These are from Asda Walmart in a 3 piece set.
  • Sewing Needle
  • Sewing Thread
  • Sewing Scissors

Ribbon Rosette & Cute Button Design


If you are new to handling a needle and thread this arty ribbon rosette is for you.
To Make Your Rosette -
  1. Take 30cm of ribbon and holding one end create a loop and pinch in the middle. Make four loops in a circle (a little like a gift wrap bow) then stitch to the shoulder seam of your baby top so that you are left with a small tail of ribbon. Once secure, this is the arty bit, wrap around your ribbon and stitch over the loops however the ribbon falls. Just be careful to tuck the ends in at the end.
  3. The take your cute buttons and beads and stitch on baby's top either with self colour or contrast threads. Secure on the inside and make sure that the knots are flat so they don't press into babies skin.
  5. This design is for a 11 month old as it has bigger buttons and she is past the sucking phase. For a smaller baby I would recommend flatter buttons, but this is up to you, you know your baby. 
  6. For more experienced customisers you can stitch lace, bows, embroider or even use fabric paints on your tops...

 Flowers & Ribbon Design

This design was inspired by a bottle of perfume sitting in my  bathroom. I don't go our like I used to before baby came along. So this is my homage to my Rici Rici perfume..One evening we will go out, but for now you have inspired by baby's top!

These can be made from pieces of organza and beads but John Lewis John Lewis Haberdashery Dept do a great range if you are new to customising. If you are making these yourself, take 5 circles of organza and pinch together and stitch the pinch. Add buttons or beads over the stitching.
Then, take your 3mm ribbon and stitch on from the top and trialing across the shirt adding the floweres at the end.
I customise mine with a ribbon message 'I Love Handmade'. Just to finish it off!


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