Simple Lemon Cakes in a busy birthday week!

Thursday 25 October 2012

Just cooling and ready for the tasting..



It is a busy week, Daddy has been away and Baby L is one next week. I have been so busy with preparation for her first birthday and now glad that Daddy is back in the country.

Tonight was a quick supper  Spaghetti with a creamy mushroom and spinach sauce. Daddy isn't veggie so I always add some parma ham to his. This is so easy and whilst the spaghetti is cooking I saute mushrooms and add garlic and cream in to make a sauce.

Baby L has really been missing Daddy whilst away and pointing to any wedding picture in the house saying 'daddy!' Very glad that he is come as I think she feel more rested.

I am trying to make felt this week, it more a challenge. I was bought for my birthday so lovely books on vintage and homemade looks and decided to have a bash.One was Kirstie Allsopp's Vintage Style book which has inspired me to take out what I have got in my sewing and knitting bag and just create. The felt has now been made by boiling the jumpers in a pan for one hour and now it can be made into little baby creatures!

Today, I have so nearly finished her party dress, an old vintage 1950's pattern made in cotton. It is been great to dig out an old pattern and learn how patterns used to be written. I just need to finish off the hems and bows as we have a dress.

The lemon cakes are just for us, I had a hot oven and whisked them up. Tomorrow I'll head up to the farm to get some eggs for baby's birthday cake - a double tier sponge iced in butter cream and glazed autumn flowers and pale green icing. So I have party bags to do, beds to make and silver bracelets to finish.. Here is the un-iced lemon and fruit cake ready for icing tomorrow!...Off to bed..

Simple Lemon Cakes

What You Need  -

100g caster sugar
25g brown sugar
2 tablespoons cream
1 zest of lemon
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
125g self raising flour
2 eggs


Go Create!

Pre heat the oven to 180C

1. Beat the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
2. Add the eggs one by one and beat.
3. Stir in the lemon zest and vanilla.
4. Stir in the cream.
5. Sift in the flour.
6. Fold the flour in strong folding movements until fully mixed.
7.Take a cake tin and out 12 cases in the tray, then fill 3/4 full with mixture.
8. Bake until golden.

The texture is lovely and light but the sugar gives them a little crunch.


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