Hand Painted Skirt

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Looking for that personal design?

... with a few fabric paints and a bit of creative flair you can make this simple design in a few hours....


You will need fabric paints and a denim skirt. Denim is great as is covers a lot of sins in your painting. As it is distressed you can distress your design as well to cover up mistakes!

Fabric paints can be bought on the Internet or in your local haberdashery. I use the pots instead of paint sticks as you can paint with them using a normal painting set of brushes.

To paint your design, cover your crafting table with plastic and then put an old plastic bag between the skirt so the paint doesn't seep through.

Then create away, flowers are always a safe bet for clothing. Once your creation is dry you can take your sandpaper or even a cheese grater and grate or sand away.

This covers your mistakes and also make it look like you painted it years ago!

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