Autumn Bouquet

Tuesday 16 October 2012

With the change in the weather and the last blooms in the garden...

 why not bring those flowers inside in a lovely bouquet?

With little time on our hands as new mums we spend time making a lovely garden, but when the weather changes we cannot enjoy sitting outside and see our achievements grow and flower. So I thought, why not bring in those flowers and give these as a gift or dress your own home?

I took sunflowers and fewer few and the start of autumn berries to make this bouquet of yellows, reds and whites. Tie with florist wire to make sure it is nice and firm.

I buy florist's acetate film off EBay in 10 metre rolls so you can wrap up your own bouquets and still make them professional. You can also buy flower food from your local florist or again or EBay.

Make the most of your garden with a bouquet for your own garden or to give as a gift..

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