Baby Hand Stitched Keepsake

Wednesday 24 October 2012

New Baby and what a great time to share.

Mark the occasion with this one off baby keepsake card.

Making something personal for a new baby is a joy and very welcomed by new parents or grandparents.. Enjoy the personalising for make your just unique.

These are really easy to make, you will need a card, wadding, bias binding, fabrics, ribbons and embroidery threads. Plus about one hour and you can make your own baby keepsake.

Simple step by step to make your own keepsake

1. Firstly cut out your own heart shape to fit your card. Cut out the wadding to fit.
 2. Bias the edges and stitch on a ribbon and cover the ends with a button.
3. Take your ribbons and buttons and start to stitch your keepsake. I used three pieces of fabric, three beads/buttons and some embroidery threads. Very simple and unique. Make sure your colour palette matches.
 4. It is all in the details, be quirky, use buttons instead of stitching a 'O' .
 5. Take your finished keepsake and stick onto your card with a suitable sticker - why not print your own off your printer. Stamp with a cute nappy pin onto your card.

6. I just love that each time you look at these keepsake you can see different things.

So why not have a go and stitch a keepsake card, you can detach the keepsake from the card and hang on baby's cot.

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