Gorgeous Handmade Baby Sheets

Thursday 11 October 2012

 I Just Loved Making These Baby Sheets ..and saved a fortune!

OK, so you find the perfect cot and moses basket. It is a tradition in some countries that the soon to be grandparents buy the cot or the pram. Then you look at the price of the sheets and bedding and it is so expensive. I thought that the best option so that Grandma wasn't forking out even more on the bedding was to make my own! Make it into a little project.

Get handy with a needle and thread and make them as my Grandmother had done for me as a baby. They then become heirlooms and can be passed down the generations. Most high street companies design there cots to a certain bespoke size so you have to buy the cot sheets to match.

 For some cots you can be paying £50 + for just the basics. For £15 I made four sheets for the moses basket and the cot. A bargain and these took me an evening to sew up on the sewing machine. Try and fine 100% cotton sheets, usually the higher the thread count the softer for baby they are. Dunelm Mill or TKMaxx are great for king size, high thread count sheets.

I embroidered the tag on the corner of the sheet as if you have a pram sometime Moses basket sheets can also fit the pram if you are lucky! Sometime, like mine the Moses basket is slightly smaller. I also stitched lace and ribbons on the bedding as well, they are only babies once and a newborn in pure white sheets all wrapped up is a lasting memory for any new parent.

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