Four Years On From Our Vintage Wedding...and some tips for Brides-to-be!

Saturday 22 March 2014

I love looking at old photo's of our Wedding day! On Thursday our Wedding Anniversary, we got out the pictures to have a look at, for well.., old times sake! 

After four years, the overall excitement and enjoyment of the day hasn't faded. We both loved it so much, it went too fast and was a total mix of emotions which we were both were not expecting. Family, friends old and new being so kind and caring to the both of us.

We planned the Wedding in just six months for a party of 120. It is possible, it was a lot of hard work, late nights and weekends. To be honest we had no time for re-thinking anything, but just went with everything we agreed on. As a happy crafter, I have written on the blog before about the dress I made, the flowers I put together and planning your stationery.

Sadly Pinterest was not yet widely available in 2010, but after I discovered Martha Stewart Weddings on a business trip to L.A. everything fell into place. Martha was a life saver!

I would never put anyone off doing a DIY Wedding, it is fun but you need family and friends to help craft with you. It is fun, bespoke and personal for your Wedding.

My top tips are -
  • Share your ideas with your suppliers as soon as you can.
  • Pick a simple colour scheme of four colours.
  • Have a critical planner with key dates on and plan,plan, plan!
  • Listen to other people's ideas they might be a good one
  • Visit one or two Wedding fairs only and go with what you love not what is in fashion.
  • Think of the details, such as special presents for people who helped you prepare the day.
  • Enjoy planning and preparing and go with your gut instinct!
I would love to hear your DIY Wedding stories too? 


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