Guest Post from Daire Paddy. Make These Pretty Business Cards

Sunday 2 March 2014

Find out how in this easy tutorial...


Last month at the Creative and Crafty Blogger Meet  (#ccbloggers)I co-hosted, I met the lovely Daire who blogs at Open Way Designs.


Daire's multimedia techniques are just awesome and I don't use awesome lightly! Read more about her work here.


So I am over the moon that Daire is guest posting this weekend; sharing her secret to making unique, pretty and 'on-of-a-kind' business cards.


Over to you Daire... 

A few weeks ago I met Sam at the fabulous #ccbloggers event that she co-hosted with Kat, and whilst there I engaged in some shameless self-promotion in the form of handing out my handmade business cards.  I promised Sam I’d share my super-quick, super-easy technique for making unique, one-of-a-kind business cards.


To make 16 cards you’ll need:

• 1 sheet of A4 card (I like cream)
•  A pair of scissors or a paper trimmer
•  A pencil, a ruler and a glue stick
•  A piece of colourful paper (I use scraps that I’ve covered in left over paint from other projects)
•  1 roll of decorative tape
•  A corner punch (optional)

First of all you want to divide up your sheet of card. I split it in half vertically and then trim 2cm off both edges. I then divide the remaining pieces into eight.


Once you’ve cut along all the lines, round off your corners with the punch (if desired – I just like how the round corners look.) If you don’t have a corner punch you could draw around a round lid and use scissors – just be aware that this will take a LONG time, and probably won’t look quite as neat.


Next, snip up your colourful piece of paper into strips – the size you go for is up to you, but mine are 3.5cm wide. Then you want to stick a strip of paper across each piece of card.


Finally, stick a strip of decorative tape across the centre of each card. If you don’t have an obscene collection of pretty tapes like I do, then you can always make your own by decorating strips of masking tape OR using thinner strips of a different paper.


If you want all of your information on the back then you can always print off labels to stick on, but I prefer to leave them blank. That way I can scribble on my contact info, depending on what I want to give people.

 I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tutorial – I’d love to see the quirky creative business cards you all come up with!

 Thank-you Daire, I'm inspired and I just cannot wait to make some of my own.

Enjoy the weekend!


Samantha x

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