DIY Chocolate Calligraphy

Friday 12 February 2016
Writing in Melted Chocolate For Valentine's Treats

I'm stopping by today to share my new discovery of homemade chocolate calligraphy just in time for V-day. I've also put a tutorial on the post for a supermarket version. I was over the moon when I tried this for the first time with a bar of milk chocolate and it worked.

So here's how to create your own shapes or writing in chocolate at home for that extra finishing touch...

To start with you will need ...
some greaseproof paper, a tea towel, a piping bag, teaspoon, a tray for the greaseproof to sit in and a pyrex jug that holds a few pints (enough to soak the tube or icing bag in)

You can buy Cake Décor from Lakeland for under £2. You simply place the tube in boiling water for a few minutes, I massaged the tube so it's soft then place it back in the water.

Once the tube is melted through, snip off the end and then you can start writing. It is thicker than melted chocolate so you can spend more time on what you are writing.

The easy homemade version which works, but the chocolate is thinner so you need to be quicker. You just need a bar of milk chocolate and a disposable icing bag (and some scissors to snip the end)

Break up the chocolate and put it in the icing bag in a the pyrex jug (don't microwave it). When it's melted through, snip the end of the bag just a little to reduce the flow.

After about five minutes of chocolate calligraphy I chilled my writing for twenty minutes and then when hard put the writing and hearts on foil.

So we tasted each and the milk chocolate was much better! So this is what we made with the chocolate hearts...

Easy Chocolate Heart Cakes

I baked a tray bake sponge and let it cool. Then with a heart cutter on an iced board I cut out the two hearts.

We stuck both hearts together with raspberry jam.

Dusted the top with icing sugar.

Added a spoonful of fresh cream and added on top the milk heart.

Perfect and handmade for Valentines!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much I did making it...

Samantha xoxo

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