Let's Make VE Day Bunting

Thursday 30 April 2020

In these very unique times, let's make some bunting and celebrate VE day at home...

At the moment, I'm home with both my girls and we are looking at crafts that are easy and fun to do in a few hours. Today I'm sharing a easy child friendly craft which you can do with materials in the home and a bottle of textile glue.

Making the bunting flags

·    Make a template. To do this, get a piece of paper and fold in half. Then draw a triangle from the top unfolded edge of the paper to the bottom folded corner. Unfold your paper to get a flag. 

     To cut out your flag, line up the top edge of your flag to the edge of the fabric. You want your flag to hang straight, if you cut your flag on the diagonal or ‘on the cross’ your flag will hang with a twist! You can trace around your template with a pencil.

     Cut out your flags using your template, ideally with pinking shears so the flags won’t fray.

You can attach your flags to a ribbon or string with textile glue or thread them using a sewn channel.

If you want to create a channel and thread your flags, stitch the channel at the top of the flag turn over once to give a 2cm channel and stitch. Thread in the loose threads and trim off excess fabric and threads.  

You can stitch the channel with a sewing machine or if you don't have a sewing machine you can use a hand stitch. Make sure you fold the edges in to stop it fraying. You can then thread your bunting flags onto a ribbon or string. If you thread your flags on, you can rearrange these when you fancy.

You can make and decorate your flags using old pieces of fabric in the home. Use up old tea towels and duvets. if you don't like the pattern but like the colour, cut up the fabric to make letters, shapes and dates. Use your textile glue to glue the shapes onto your flags.

I really enjoyed making this bunting and I hope you can to. Share your makes with the hashtag #crafternoonteas on social media.

Stay safe,

Sam x

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