Washi Tape Cards

Wednesday 17 April 2013

I was reading the blog claireabellemakes.com  when I came across this great idea to use all my old, saved and pre-loved papers (and I do have quiet a stash!) They are called Washi Tapes. They can be used on pretty much anything - cards, pegs or decorations... 

So with the inspiration of the Washi Tapes Post , I created my first 'interpretation post' with a stash of old papers, a cutting board, knife and some foam pads....

Getting started...

 I took the following -
 my paper
 foam pads (on a roll)
craft knife
craft cutting board

Let's create!

 My foam pad was sticky on one side and had a peel off side. I laid out the foam pads on the craft board and took my pretty paper to lay over the sticky pad. I then stuck my paper to my pad making sure it had no air bubbles or creases in the paper! With a very sharp craft knife I carefully cut out my washi tape and put a little 'V' at one end.

 I repeated this three times to have three washi tapes on foam pads for my card..

Thank-You Washi Tape Card

I love this card, with it's parcel look. The washi tapes make it look like it is already to  parcel off!
To recreate this look, cut out your three tapes and stick equally on your card in the bottom half of your card. Take a message topper and with foam tape centrally stick to your card. 

Looks such a professional finish!

Washi Tape Spares & Vellum

..and with the spares from the washi tape points, stick them all on a piece of vellum and recreate a washi tape on foam padding as above!

waste not and would you believe that these are all the left overs?

Thank-you to Claire for a fab post!

I'm off to make more...

Happy Washi Taping,

Sam x


  1. So glad to have inspired you to make such beautiful cards!! Hurrah for washi tape :-)

    Happy Crafting,
    Claire x

  2. Thanks, yes hurrah for using up my old stash of papers in a creative lovely way!

    Sam x