A DIY Lavender Air Freshener

Friday 19 April 2013

A Chemical Free Eco Smell Of Loveliness -

perfect for babies room..

I have been reading the  blog mymakedoandmendyear and it got me thinking of what I could I could make for the family that is green and from everyday items you find in the cupboards.

I really think that our household footprint is getting too big and if we all do something green for the home the world would be a more eco-friendly place.

Having a creative mind and also loving the fresh smell of scents...I bring you my Lavender Scented Air Freshener. I really love to make soaps, bath fizzes and candles so this is just another creative craft to add to my making list.

I like it as it doesn't pump out those nasties that chemical versions do and all the ingredients you can find in your store cupboard.

As I am a asthmatic I wouldn't use the chemical versions as they trigger attacks. So this version is so mild it even goes in babies room! The scent lasts for a good month and even helps sleep. And we all like babies that sleep!

All you need is  -

jam jar
elastic band and ribbon to cover the band
4 teaspoons of baking powder
4 drops of lavender essential oil
Piece of fabric to cover the top of the jar

Mix the baking powder and essential oil drop by drop in the jar. It will fizz so be careful with the mixture. I mixed over the kitchen sink. Add the fabric cover and secure with the band and cover with a ribbon.

I give mine a shake every few weeks to wake up the smell.

Enjoy..Happy Scent Making..

Sam x

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