Kid's Craft Wreaths

Monday 23 December 2013

By now most children have broken up from school for the holidays. So what can they make whilst you run about finalising Christmas that is fun, festive and to make you very proud?

Try one of these wreaths...

These wreaths made from papier mache (leave 24 hrs to dry before decorating) and rice /pva and pom-poms. The creations are perfect for pre-Christmas crafts and extra decs too.

My two year old made the papier mache version with feathers and golden stars. A very proud Mummy.

The rice and pom-poms version was made using a paper plate with a hole cut out as the base. We wrapped ribbon around it and glued on the pom-poms.

Easy and so, so much fun. You may keep them for next year!

With love to all those busy Mummies,

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