Stampin' Up Christmas Review

Sunday 1 December 2013
Happy Mail from Stampin'Up ...

and two crafty festive tutorials...

I was super excited when the lovely Helen at Stampin' Up sent me this very happy mail to review. Helen writes a great blog about her stampy journey, check it out!

I love Stampin' Up stamps and papers as the quality is fantastic and the colours all match! So it's easy to be creative (in a hour of so) and produce so great paper crafts.

I had a practice with the vintage style Christmas stamp that Helen sent me and the detail is pretty amazing. Plus the quote is awesome on it to, my husband is a Bruce Springsteen fan so I'll be using it on his Christmas gift tags!

So, after having a think, I decided to make a matching no sew Christmas pouch and Christmas card...

First of all I flipped out the Santa stamp and used my crafty date stamp from this post to stamp Christmas day's date on the design. 

The Stampin' Up stamp comes in a DVD style case, so it's suitable for stacking. You need to use a acetate block to attach the stamp so you can just 'kiss' the paper or fabric and ta-da the image is there. 

I used an ink pad to transfer the image onto paper and fabric paint painted on the stamp to transfer to fabric.

On paper...
Check out the detail from this stamp...
 and on fabric...

and the details great on fabric too!
 Once I had my fabric stamped I got to work on making my no-sew pouch.

Cut out two pieces of fabric and with hemming fabric (the type you by in the supermarket I used Korbond's version) place the pieces face down and cut enough fabric to edge the side and bottom of the fabric. 

OK,then I placed the other pouch piece on top face up to make a sandwich.

I then took a piece of greaseproof (freezer) paper on placed on top of the fabric sandwich and pressed. This will glue your fabrics together. 

I then used the same process to add the trims and glued on a cute holly leaf and button. 

Perfect for your Christmas table.

...then onto a...

After cutting out the stamped design, I added gold pen to the edging and attached it to a card.

Now for the bow...
take two pieces of card, wrap one and fold the other over. Then add two small bow tails to the back with crafting squares and attach.

Happy Christmas!

Helen is running classes here in sunny Derbyshire on -

(this)Friday 6th December: 
Crafty Friday - back-to-basics class for a small friendly group. Only three places remaining. 9.30am-11.30am  To register, email Helen.

Saturday, 14th December: Christmas: 
All Wrapped Up -  Gift packaging and decor, including a festive banner. For more info here:click here

I'm off to craft with some more of the Stampin' Up goodies for another post. It's addictive,

Happy Monday,

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