#BEDM A Challenge!

Sunday 4 May 2014
Hello Dear Blog,

Blog Every Day in May Blogging Challenge

After a week in France eating far too much cheese and patisserie delights, I returned home to my laptop hell which the lovely people at Dell are getting fixed for me. So, as I've been reading lovely posts on my phone, I've now got an emergency laptop to write on and cannot wait to start this challenge!

I have been wanting to take part in the amazing #BEDM (blog every day in May) but without my laptop I couldn't. OK so I've missed the first three but hey I'm here and posting away. I wanted to take part in a challenge as I adore my little blog I set up in July 2012 and before the Easter break was needing a creative break. It is good for the soul you know.

So this post might be a long one, grab a cup of cocoa and off I go!

Day 1. What's your blog all about?

Homemaking, when time is not on your side!

I created my blog just under two years ago, as by the time my Little L was eight months old I had some time between naps and wanted a new challenge! I'm that kinds girl...

 I had been wanting to set up a crafty blog for ages and I just went for it and never looked back. From this blog, I've met some amazing crafty bloggers, had my blog featured in Crafts Beautiful magazine and been approached by Hobbycraft to review product! Wow!  

I write about simple, vintage inspired creations for the garden, home and myself and my baby girl. I don't want to make it sound easy, but a truthful reflection of my way through making. Here are a few pictures from the first few months of my blog...

Half cake, half cookie chocolate cakes, created in Summer 2012. Gorgeous if I can say so myself.

Babysitter cake, our first night out when L was 11 months old, I made this cake for our babysitter to say thank-you to her.

Pretty die-cut floral Wedding card using vintage books to cut out the flowers. A really creative project, made on L's naptime.

So that is a bit about me? So tell me about your blog, leave a link in the comments below and I look forward to meeting you and your blog.

Bye for now,


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