Day 6 #BEDM My Dream Job?

Tuesday 6 May 2014
Hello Dear Blog,

I saw this post title on #BEDM and thought this one is perfect! I founded my own business last year when Little L was on nap time! 

Like most stay at home Mum's in their '30's, I missed working after I had my daughter. I had worked since I was 21 professionally and loved my career in textiles. Due to childcare, returning to my old 'post Mummy' job wasn't an option. We sat down and tried to make our lives fit me working too but we didn't have the childcare for long days and week nights away from home.

I now work as a Crafternoon tea hostess at and I love it. I create projects and host events as well as taking textile commissions too. Life can get busy but it's the right balance for family life. I love it!

I'll be popping by to see what other #BEDM bloggers write about as I think I've found mine,

Bye for now,

Samantha x

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