5 Things from My Day At Weleda

Tuesday 24 June 2014
On Friday I spent the day with Weleda  here in Derbyshire, they are the people who turn plants into the lovely natural healthcare products and gorgeous toiletries. Have to say I'm a bit of a fan of using natural remedies just like my Gran did back in the '30's. Weleda have been going since the 1920's and have a great story to how they started the gardens in Derbyshire plus I love the fab vintage posters (more on this later).
Finding out how the vintage remedies are still grown and made today

I was really flattered to be asked to take a peek behind the scenes; see where they grow the plants, see how they make up the potions and see the lovely new products for launch this Summer. So here are my top 5 favourites from the day...

1. The Weleda Garden

 Just beautiful! As a Derbyshire lass, I really proud that these gorgeous gardens are only 15 minutes away from home so my garden could like this..right?!).  I was really inspired by the growing and planting in this fine Derbyshire soil. This picture is of the Calendula plant which goes into the baby range. We saw how the garden is planted using biodynamics and how they were set up back in the 1920's. It means that the gardens are planted in harmony with the seasons, planets and species so that they thrive. Something I'm really interested to learn more about for my own little vintage garden at home.

2. Making Tinctures Workshop
After picking some of the flowers using in the tinctures, we then started to make one. I am a sucker for a workshop and this one didn't disappoint. So with a hair net and a plastic pinny on, the flowers were weighed out and chopped up Jamie stylie... storks and all!

We then put them in a metal bowl with some alcohol to make a mixture. This is then set to one side for two weeks to ferment and will be strained to make the tincture. We saw a 'this has been made earlier' version to see how it changed colour and smelt different. I have a little box of tinctures at home for anything from pre-flight nerves to a relaxing bath potion. All the products at Weleda have a quality standard so none of these samples we made will make it further than the workshop!

I loved every minute.
3. Oh Baby!
Baby Skin Care

 I've been using the Weleda products on myself and  Little L. The baby range is so soft, gentle, delicate and natural; everything you would want for you precious little one. You only need to put the bath lotions on your skin to see how easily they are absorbed and how light they are. Now Little L is a toddler she can apply it herself, it does go everywhere sometimes but washes out with no greasy marks.

4. Roses Mamma Treats 
 Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash 200ml
Sometimes I need to unwind from being a busy Mamma and I love the Wild Rose body wash. I was bought this for my first Christmas as a new tired out new Mummy. It is bliss! The scent actually smells of roses similar to rose water and very unlike your standard creme bath. 

5. Vintage Poster Art
  About Us  
I'm crazy about Art Deco, so I just love this old Weleda advert from Germany from the 1920's. It would fit perfectly with my collection that I have in my studio room. 

Weleda was more than just a day sampling new product it was a peek into a world of natural products and more. I don't usually do product reviews as for me I really have to believe the product. I hope you are inspired to re-look at your toiletries and look at the power of natural plants and how they really can work.

Bye for now,

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