Perfect Light Sponge Cakes Everytime

Friday 27 March 2015
This method never fails for the perfect fairy cakes

I wanted to share a quick and easy tip to get the best ever sponge cakes. It's was passed on to me by a farmer's wife and it really works.

Before measuring out your sponge ingredients, just weigh your eggs. Then weigh out equal butter, sugar and flour and make as per usual. And that's it!

Little trade secrets passed down through the families are priceless
I swear by this quick tip and the cakes are really light. Eggs vary in weight depending on so many factors, so to get the egg weight right balances out the rest of your cake mixture. 

A teaspoon of cream also adds a creamy texture if you want some extra richness.

Try it this weekend and if it works, leave me a comment below.

Happy Baking,


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