How We Planned Our Fabulous Places Stand

Friday 17 July 2015

So as a start up business, it great to get your application for an amazing Summer Market accepted. It's that email that pops into your inbox and makes you totally full of pride. That's how I felt when I got the big OK to have a stand at the Fabulous Places Summer Market in Derby on the 5th July.

I decided to go for a circular table option and build my stand with the vintage props I use at the parties to give people the feel they were actually at a Crafternoon tea ...lots of tea, cake and crafting materials and inspiration.

I used my old time mannequin (she's from a Laura Ashley window display!) and a vintage box I got for a fiver from a fete to make the height in the middle of the stand. All stands need a sight line and height does catch the eye. Think of a triangle in the middle and put your stall props around it.

We had plenty of spaces between the tables, this is the view from mine. This was great so we weren't too close to our neighbours and people could walk around the stand.

I put out samples of our treats and bakes for visitors to sample and our certificates to say we were the real thing. As a start up, I think it's important to show you have the right experience.

I had as many samples out on display and leaflets to let customers know what we did. I also did a special offer on the day. And as a result we have had a record response to our offer and lots of enquiries into next Easter.

Thank-you to everyone who came along. We celebrate our second birthday in a few weeks so this was hard work  was the icing on the cake, I am over the moon!

I still want to stay small and bespoke so more of the same is coming!


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