Tea Set Treasure & My Tips To Find Vintage China

Thursday 28 April 2016


As you may know I love old china and collect it for my home and for use at my tea party business.  I started five years ago just after our Wedding collecting pretty tea cups from charity shops. I think that having a vintage Wedding started me off on a trend and I love it!

Today, I want to share with you how I find my vintage china and my newest pretty tea set I'm keeping for my birthday party in September and it's sooo gorgeous!

Hunting for vintage china does take time and gets very easily addicting. You can find sets in charity shops, car boots and vintage shops. In recent years it has increased in price, I think many sets have nearly doubled in price as dealers and charity shops a like get on the vintage trend. I picked up in 2012 a vintage suitcase full of china for £5, in the same charity shop this week I'm paying that for a cup.

Ebay is a great place too, I only use it if I want to add to a set and buy the odd thing. For example I found a beautiful Royal Crown Derby set for my sister-in-law and it's missing a cup. I'll go to Ebay for one as many seller split up the sets and sell it one by one.

I find the best way is to spread the word around your family and friends that you collect vintage china. This new set with a pretty thistle design was bought from a lady in my village whose father had sadly passed away and she wanted it to go to a home where it would be loved and used. I bought it off her, got it home washed it in Milton and washing up liquid two or three times. Here are my photos of my lovely new vintage Royal Albert set.

My blue thistle tea pot, tea cups and vintage linen

Playing with patterns, cloths and petals!

If you have any questions or tips on how to buy vintage china leave me a comment. I'm on Google+ comments at the moment but will be moving to Disqus one we can iron out the widgets!

Happy Hunting,

Samantha x

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