Spring to Summer Bedding

Saturday 30 April 2016

Today I’m teaming up with The Yorkshire Linen Co. to share my plans on moving my family’s bedding through the season from Spring to Summer. I love adding textiles in my home; creating texture and pattern that fits with our vintage-scandi style.

It's that in between time of year; Winter and Summer quilts, thick fluffy bottom sheets, hot water bottles and blankets. I’m writing this as my heating keeps clicking on and auto off so my post is very fitting.

I like to create a clean calming look with our bedding using white cotton quilt covers, pillowcases and a bright fitted sheet.  A good friend once said that white was an underestimated colour for interiors and I tend to agree! The bottom sheet picks out the colours in my cushions and throws, it’s not too fussy and frilly for my husband’s taste and it’s a long way from the crazy patterns we grow up with in the 80s and 90s! These days we love our pale bedding and throws.

Ikea bedding is one of my favourites (and so is Swedish tea when we go to buy it!). I bought these throws a few weeks ago in preparation for a warmer Spring and to get our a Summer quilt out (if only). The throws start at just over a fiver, I really love the cosy pink and grey strip throw  which my daughter likes to snuggle in. Our cream linen effect waffle blanket is super cosy and washes really well. I also keep Ikea's polar fleeces in the airing cupboard for the cat. Cats love beds but that's another post.

Throws are great for this time of year, I use two or three on my bed at any one time as our toddler and cat are usually on the bed in the night or in the morning!

The Yorkshire Linen Co. have a great range of throws to add to your bed this Spring.Create your own shabby chic feel, here's my pick from the online store.

I always look for easy care throws and wash them every time I change the bed. Usually,  I choose a waffle or fleece throw for my cats to snuggle in on the top (if it's not a rainy day), a woolly textured throw and a patterned tassel throw for me when I’m reading in bed. Yes it is a sewing book that's my current bedtime reading!

I feel it's fitting to partner with The Yorkshire Linen Co as I studied my textile degree in Yorkshire and I’ve been shopped here since my student days. The bedding from them really does last and the service is fabulous. Thank-you for letting me pick my favourites!

What are your tips?



This is a collaborated post.

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