It's Been A While...

Monday 22 July 2019


It's been a while. I think the last time I posted on the blog was the week before this little cherub started to make me feel like 'I might be pregnant'. And I'm delighted to post a picture of my gorgeous little Miss P, my Pearl at 8 months. Our family is complete and she's adorable.

I decided after a little bit of a stormy pregnancy (sickness and tiredness that I didn't experience with my first) I decided to keep on sewing, blogging for Minerva Crafts and just looking after myself. Something had to give and that something was this hobby blog that I'd been writing since 2012.

This was me a year ago in my home office wearing my Derwent trousers and Banksia top which I wore throughout my pregnancy. I stopped working at the business in September 2018 and worked very part time from June to September due to my sickness.

One of the best things about being a Mummy for the second time is to be able to make for your little one all over again. I can't deny the fact that it's been harder with two little girls than one and with Harvey working away for weeks on end, my creative time has been very small. But I took a ten minute sewing challenge back in February and it changed how I used my creative time.

I challenged myself with just ten minutes of creative time which sometimes was longer and sometimes if Miss P was awake didn't happen at all. But it worked for me and at the end of February I'd made two dresses!

Now I have a little more time, I'm going to publish all my makes over the last 18 months on this blog with a review of how I wore them. Plus I have been secret sewing an amazing pattern I cannot wait to share with you this week.

Currently, we're in the process of completing on a new house. Hopefully a forever home for our new family. Life is exciting and I can't wait to start decorating this new home for a family of four and a cat.

Thank-you for your support and it's good to be back,


Sam x

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