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Monday 15 July 2013
Time for Higher Storage

Today I need your help, calling all crafters out there! I am looking for new storage for my craft room as now my little L can grab, open and reach, the room is more like a nursery than a crafty space. My papers are pulled out of drawers and she is using oil pastels  when she gets hold of them. The problem is that I cannot hide it anywhere.

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These little boxes are great for little hands!

So my solution needs too be higher storage, on the wall, up where little hand cannot grab. You may say, close the door but I have cupboards I need to get at.

So goodbye to little baskets and boxes and hello ..well that is the problem, what do I do?

I saw this image on Adventures In Dressmaking  on Instagram over the weekend and really like the idea of using wire spool and scissor storage way up high. Wall mounted seems to be the answer?

So, if you have any solutions, drop me a comment? I am doing some research and a makeover is on it's way!

SS x

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