Banks Mill Studios

Monday 29 July 2013
I am really delighted to tell you that I am now an Associate Member of Banks Mill Studio in Derby. 

Banks Mill, Derby

I left at the end of our meeting on Friday feeling like I have so much opportunity to express my creativity and do something I really love! All good. So over the coming months they will support my business
 Samantha Schofield Designs 
My logo, my hand painted bow.

So I can reach my full potential. Every since I left my job last September to focus on my little girl, I have been looking for a way of creative working, around the family and doing something that I love.

Some of bespoke textile key rings.

Samantha Schofield; textile design, illlustration and crafts!  

 I am focusing on vintage crafts, old fashioned techniques and creating bespoke everyday and occasional accessions for baby, home and fashion. 

I cannot wait to get going!

More details to follow... wish me luck!

SS x

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