Slow Down Food Moroccan Style

Friday 5 July 2013

My latest project - slow down food...


What is Slow Down Food?

We are living in a fast, quick, on the go world and bringing up a family in a modern world sometimes means that we need to slow down. Slowing down in our eating means we eat well, good home cooked food and take time to enjoy it and the company we are in.

I recently attended a workshop where Amelia Horne from Jack Rabbits Kitchen Derby was a key speaker. Her business is based on bring good quality home cooked food into a restaurant environment. Cooking food slowly and eating in a WiFi free space.

I also saw an interview with business woman Kareen Bradey who gets up at 6 a.m and puts a casserole in her slow cooker for the family. If Kareen can cook well with her schedule, I have no excuses!

There is a slow move back to eating well and enjoying our food around the table. We had a gorgeous set of  Le Creuset for our Wedding, it does weigh a tonne and I store it in low cupboards but it does a great job of cooking casseroles, tagines and stews slowly and is easy to clean.

We had the classic orange but new colours come out each season and add a contemporary twist on a classic. I have to admit now I have a family and time in the kitchen is precious, I would be lost without my Le Creuset. The lid fits on perfectly so no twisting to fit in a little groove whilst your child has there hands in the oven! You can lift the lid, check if it needs a stir and pop the dish back in the oven quickly before your little one has time to run into the kitchen. Easy and safe!

So for our slow down food Moroccan style, I made this simple tagine to serve with plain couscous, peas and a dash of lemon.

You Will Need  -
1 red onion
1 aubergine
1 red pepper
1 yellow pepper
1 box of passata or a tin of tomatoes
1 tin of chick peas
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
Handful of mint leaves from the garden or from a supermarket plant

Let's Create -

This is the easy part, chop up all your vegetables. Saute to seal in the flavour on the hob for a few minutes. Add the drained tin of chick peas and the box of tomatoes. Stir in the spice and mint.
Pop it in the oven at 150C for about 2 hours or lower for longer if you are out.
Your vegetables will be soft and your tagine will be seasoned with so many flavours you will wonder why you have rushed before.

There is a time, once a week when this or a similar recipe makes me bring out the Le Crueset and cook slow.

Love to know what you cook slow...

SS x

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