Vintage Red Button Cards

Thursday 5 September 2013
Easy ways to upcycle that old button box.

I was lucky to track down a stash of buttons a few weeks ago which I wrote about in this post . Since then I have sorted out the colours that I know I will use; reds, blues, blacks etc and put them all in glass jars.

These cards were made for a Wedding anniversary and Birthdays for little girls. All cards were planned first of all to make sure the buttons fitted the space! Sounds simple enough but it does need planning out.

I laid out the buttons and then in soft pencil drew a rough boundary. Then I laid out the buttons and stuck them down using jewellery making glue (epoxy resin - never fails!)

A simple 3 for a 3rd birthday

A trio of buttons for a little girl's birthday card

A variety of similar sized buttons for a Wedding Anniversary heart design.
I have to say that I have enjoyed making every card ... and in red as well!

Let me see what I can make with my blue button jar next?

Happy Crafting,

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