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Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Melbourne Festival Art Trial 2013

Some of the pretty properties in Melbourne, Derbyshire and artwork by Ronald Pope.
Last Sunday I was lucky enough to spend the day at the Melbourne Art & Architecture Trial in South Derbyshire. Having no idea if the rain would hold off, I went in the morning to spend a few hours there with Little L.

I realised that the festival, all held in beautiful properties in the village was so different to last year and with the good weather holding the rain away I phoned Mr.S to come and join us. We live about twenty minutes away.

The artwork varied from large canvases to small bespoke silver pieces. Having a small child with you meant that I couldn't spend much time taking photos or chatting. I would have loved more shabby chic and textiles though but it was a great inspirational day!

I have included a picture of the late Ronald Pope a great artist I knew in the village - never forgotten.

Samantha x

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