Hand Sewn Lace Vintage Cushion

Saturday 5 January 2013

Hand Sewn Lace Vintage Cushion

How Beautiful A Handmade Gift For The Home....?

If you know someone who loves a certain colour or style why not this weekend go to your local fabric shop and by 1 metre of fabric a cushion inner and some thread and make a homemade cushion.

My cushion was for someone who loved vintage, roses and lace and I wanted it all in cotton, I found this beautiful fabric at www.cathkidston.co.uk/ store and only needed 1 metre for the project. I bought the cushion inner and sewing threads from a haberdashery and the cotton thread off the local market.

The project took me less than two hours to make, I measured out the cushion inner and added 10 cm on for cushion bulk and seam allowances. Then instead of adding a zip I put a envelope opening in the back where the cushion inner can be posted in. This is made by cutting the back of the fabric in 2 pieces both 75% length then turning over twice to give a professional finish but making sure the lap over is approximately 10 cm.

I added the lace trim to the edges and hand stitched the corners under to reduce fraying. You can pipe the cushion but with lace at the edges this would be too much.


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