Tips For A Thrifty Dressing Jan 2013

Wednesday 2 January 2013

Let's Put A Lid On The Spending For A Month..

For the month of January, let's close our purses, clear out our cupboards and be a bit thrifty. No more sales shopping, no bargains and everything must go sales.

Let's take this month to re-evaluate what we have, what we use in our daily lives and what we don't need we can look at what to do with it?

I am guilty of buying things on impulse, most women shop on emotion so it's not surprising that we do! I had a clear out of my draw of tights and I was surprise to find how many colours of the same ones I had. I must have thought, hey red ones, so cool - I'll get a pair. But I thought it at least three times and it's face it you don't wear red tights every day.

So have a clear our, label up or sort what you do need in a clear accessible way. With a baby, I find that what is last in the draw is first out so I tend to wear the same thing again and again! Rotate your wardrobe regularly.

I also think that being ruthless sometimes is great, go through your wardrobe and anything you have not worn for 12 month (or 2 year if you have been pregnant) get rid of! Out is goes! When you have a pile of items that you know don't fit or won't be worn as they are again put in one big pile.

Now this is the fun bit, if you sew or customise you can look through your pile for something to cut, amend or embellish. I did this exercise this evening and I have a black dress which I am going to re-cut as I still love the fabric. Any old denimn I save, recut and paint with fabric paints. I have a few projects on the blog under sewing. Really individual and a joy to create!

My wardrobe is just the start, I know that the free space now means I can see what I have and wear it more frequently. Why did I need all that stuff anyway. Plus I can bring new life into something old and tired out..what creative mind would not like that!


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