Spring Flowers -little late but still pretty

Monday 18 March 2013

Spring is here..just!


I wanted to write about how lovely the garden is on this fine Spring day, on the eve of our Wedding Anniversary. But sadly with freezing temperatures and frost bitten primroses it doesn't paint a lush Spring day I was hoping for. But moving on, trees are in bud, fruit bushes are ready to bud and I feel that something will happen soon to give us our Spring garden.
The bulbs planted around the trees are just about to flower.
Sweet peas planted in loo rolls about a month ago are now tough enough to be left outside overnight to harden.

The Pansies and Primroses planted out 2 weeks ago have been badly frost bitten, so I have put the rest in the green house to perk up and see off the cold night air. But at least the Muscari from our Wedding day has flowered just in time. I'll leave you with some images and hope to have more pretty ones next week..

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