Some Of My Sewing Essentials

Friday 7 June 2013

What I cannot do without...

I love sewing and using fabrics in my crafts as you can see from my blog, especially old upcycled fabrics. I have to have some sewing box essentials to make sure I get the most out of my work! How annoying when you go for a tube of glue or a thread and it's missing or you use a poor quality thread and after one wash it breaks.

I have not been paid for these posts, they are my views and each product is worthy of a space in my sewing stash!

So here are my top 5 in no order...

 Quality Stitching Threads 

When you spend hours and hours on a beautiful embroidery you want it to wash, the colour not to fade and for your work to last. I always spend a bit more and I think it is worth it. Cheap embroidery threads go all fluffy and the colour fades while you are using them. I have had it that as you work the thread the colour comes off on your hands, the fabric and I feel like it has been a waste of time. Lesson learnt.

Orange Handled Scissors
I was bought my first oranged handle scissors when I was young and when I was a little I could never use my Mother's! She really looked after them. They last and the investment means you won't need to sharpen them for years.
Good Quality Needles & Embroidery Accessories 
It is so annoying when your needle snaps, bends or the eye breaks. (Yes, that does happen!) So I spend a little bit more to get good quality needles and whilst you are at it, treat yourself to something pretty for your sewing box a thimble, some little scissors.. go on! Think of all the money you saved on the buying something ready made?

High Quality Glue

If I am making fabric accessories or sticking crystals on bags or headbands,I would use a glue with a precision applicator and a quick setting time. I hate glue all over my beads, crystal or felt flowers. It also dries like a rock so you can trust it.

Sewing Threads 

On basic colours, I buy big reels as you will get value for money. Colours like black, white and cream will never go out of fashion! Choose a brand you love and I would say stick to it and you will get to know the numbers and types of threads in the range. Stitching threads, quilting threads etc, the colours of the reels and then they are easy to find in your sewing box. Sound crazy but when you are after black top stitch thread if you know you are looking for a red reel makes it quicker.
Sometimes they offer collectors issues such as these retro tins. I collect them and keep needles and chalks in them.

So these are my essentials. 

What are yours?

Happy Stitching,


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