Valentines Handmade Gifts

Sunday 10 February 2013

Why do to the stores, when you can show your love with a handmade gift or card?

Here's how...

It is stressful with the pressure of finding a Valentine, or if you have a seasoned Valentine you need to be inventive with a gift you have not bought before. You can buy the chocolates, the cards, the flowers. Let's do it handmade style this year...

Handmade Valentines Bath Bombes

I first posted these back in Christmas 2012 and I wass amazed at the response. These cute little hearts are just what you want to make sure that you bag a nice hot bath with the love of your life.

Click on the link below to find out how..

The Card

 With an old type writer and some red and cream card, make an up-cycled card. You can always handwrite instead or print using a retro font off your laptop? Type out your message the rip the papers up and sew together on your sewing maching. I then stuck this on a piece of red card with the my message below.

To give the card an arty feel, I cut two pieces of card and stitched them together on a sewing maching. Keep the sewing maching foot down and sew in a straight line ideally with a 90 or 100 needle so you don't break the needle.

One unique Valentine's card for your loved on.

Hand Painted Quilty Hanging

Sometimes of year it is nice to decorate the home, I am doing this on Valentine's day simply because it is my husbands birthday as well, so I have to go the extra mile but it is so worth it to see the smile on his face!

This year I am making a Valentine's day wall hanging with hand painted hearts, all stitched together to form a creative quilt effect. Simple, quirky and very us!

I hope I have inspired you for your Valentines?
Love to hear your comments?

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