My #Imapiece

Monday 25 February 2013

My Creative Jigsaw Piece Supporting The Craftivist Save The Children Installation....

I really liked the idea of saying something on a piece of cloth which would be part of something larger. The idea that your little square of fabric is part of a bigger piece of art to make a point against something bigger than me.

I saw the #imapiece project on Twitter last December and by two weeks ago it seemed to always be on my thread. I clicked on the link and completing a square was easy, just stitch and create a piece with your message.

As I new Mum seeing the Save The Children TV advertising last Christmas bought me to tears, my little one was 13 months then and not having a roof over your heads at night or a meal to provide to them seems essential in this day and age but it still is a reality across the globe. My message was simply a question,'Why is my baby fed?' It is just a lottery that I am one of the lucky few in this age that can provide this, but many Mothers around the world cannot.

So, if you have a moment, click on the link and sign the petition and share with a friend  #imapiece

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