A Day Of Crafty Inspiration for 2013 trends

Sunday 17 February 2013

Our 2013 Trends from the Craft, Hobby & Stitch Show NEC...

As a busy homemaking Mummy, textile designer and freelancing marketeer, life is pretty busy at the moment.
But busy it is good sometimes to take a trip to one of the big trade shows to meet some of your contacts face to face and gain some inspiration for trends for 2013 and beyond...so I got out my contacts, business cards and went to see what the craft market was offering in 2013.

 Cool for school crafting for 2013...

It is really good to see a lot of homemaking magazines launching, the one I really like the look of is Crafty magazine which doesn't have a website yet. It is really fresh and modern with realistic inspirational projects. It has a retro feel about the magazine and I am really excited to see this hit the newsstand.

 I've put a picture up of the first edition so look out in your local newsagent soon.

Vintage is here to stay...

There was still a lot of thrifty, make do and vintage-esque crafty products on display, does this mean that the frugal days are here to stay? But I guess that crafty people can always make something out of nothing and that is what we love to do.


New Bunting Haberdashery..

I saw a lot of bunting and bunting ribbons on the stands, so tea and cake it for 2013/14. What I really liked and I have samples of is bunting bias binding with a lace trim attached from May Arts, how cool that you just stitch on your bunting triangles to the ribbon and hey you have bunting.

So check out the website http://www.mayarts.com/ for crafty bunting inspiration for your tea parties. I cannot wait to put this on a project.


Blogging Expert - Perri Lewis

I went to the a blog seminar from Perri Lewis who was inspirational to craft businesses about blogging. Check out her crafty blog .http://makeanddowithperri.wordpress.com/. It is really interesting to see how craft businesses see blogging and take from it, there is still a lot us bloggers and brands can do together. So if any crafty brands are interested in a blogger (me!) to use there products in my posts, just drop me a mail and let's chat. I really love seeing new products and seeing what I can do with it and you can always post this back to your site.

So after a long day and sore feet, my bags need to be unpacked and my samples need to be put away but I am inspired for another crafty season!


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