Three Things Card Making -Stamped & Fabricy Valentines

Wednesday 13 February 2013

With A Heart Stamp, A Piece of Fabric & Some Paints...


This Little Valentines Double Folded Card Was a 20 Minute Make.....


 Sometimes, making a card is an organic process, I take three little elements and then see what I can do. Try it yourself, take three things you love to put on your card and use your creativity to do the rest.

For this card, I took the stamp, the fabric paints and a piece of craft paper printed with the text 'valentine'.

The drying of the fabric paint took time and I put it all together in minutes. I love easy crafting.

To start, I took the fabric paint and with a wet brush painted a heart onto a scrap of fabric. I always put a plastic bag under the fabric so not to stain my desk. Then put the wet painted heart on a radiator to dry.

Then I took my double folded gated card and stamped hearts from left to right across the inside and then onto the left gate.

When the fabric heart was dry, this was cut out and stuck with permanent glue onto the card. The piece of typing was ripped around the edges to give an organic feel and then glued on with a glue dot.

So if you have twenty minutes today and want to make a handmade creation, see what three things you have in your craft box and create something unique.


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