Book Review - The Art of the Special Occasion

Sunday 25 August 2013
For any event from a Garden Party to a Wedding ...
This book has the answers...
I first saw  this book in magazines around the time I was planning our Wedding (2009/10.

I had seen Lucia Van Der Post's previous book 'Things I Wished My Mother Had Told Me', when I was a graduate living in London years before our wedding was on the cards. The subtitle attracted me 'Lessons in Grace and Elegance'. 

I love old fashioned polite manners and when the 'Celebrate' book came out I had to buy it for our Wedding planning. And now I use this book all of the time.

Why do I like it so much? It's a really easy book to read, pick up when you are super busy and take snippets out of. The etiquette parts are great too, so you know for a special event that you don't screw up.
I used it to save a small fortune on our Wedding, taking ideas out of the book to make our day unique and special. I have gone on to use it for Christenings, Christmas, Picnics and Garden Parties.
This weekend we are having family over and again the book is out for ideas. Here are a few pictures of the best bits...

The reference pages make it easy to look up exactly what you want to read and quickly.
If you are flicking through, the sections are really clear to find.

The key points of the chapter are bullet points in this gorgeous border with references to the page for more details.

The books goes into lovely detail like for picnics, the type of rugs to take. Details are so important at events and Lucia make the planning all that special.

If you have an event coming up I really recommend this book as it makes the planning simple, fun and oh so elegant! Tried and tested.

This is an independent book review, I have not been paid to write this.

Happy Planning,

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