The Old Lady's Button Box

Saturday 24 August 2013
On Thursday I tracked down these beautiful...

buttons in all shapes and sizes!

I picked up these pre-loved buttons on a chance visit to local village. These will be available to use at my workshops this Autumn.

I got them home and started to sort them out. My, how many! Firstly, I washed all the buttons in hand wash detergent and laid them out on newspaper to dry in the garden. I had my little daughter with me who kind of helped me.

Once dry, I then bought them in and laid them on an old towel just in case any of the metal buttons had water inside them.

The next day, I sorted them out, so far I have filled up eight jam jars with buttons! I still am left with tonnes more. I am probably going to list some on my Etsy shop as they are too good to keep for myself!

The collection so far...
If you have any requested, please email me and I'll send you photos to best suit your descriptions.

Happy Making,

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