Baby Safe Coasters Project Thursday

Thursday 15 August 2013
Now Little L can grab, I have made these oh so simple coasters...

Glass coasters are lovely, but with a little one I find that your drink either sticks to the coaster or they can reach them. They are now unsafe objects in our house. I have a solution! 

I am sure I am not the only Mummy in this position. These coasters are made from oil cloth and table protector. I am using oil cloth from Cath Kidston purely as its a great design and great quality.

So this Thursday I am making this very simple baby safe coaster tutorial.

You will need -
  • Table protector (half a metre is more than enough. You can buy this from anywhere that sells oil cloth)
  • Oilcloth (again half a metre is enough)
  • Sewing Thread
  • Use of a sewing machine
1. Cut out a 3in square of table protector. 
   Cut out the oil cloth on the grain slightly bigger than the    protector.

2. Then cut a small test piece of protector and oil cloth to test your zig zag stitch is right. I use a 100 needle as he's a tough one! The test piece is great as a sewing machine foot support!

   Place the table protector pattern face down and put the oil cloth on top pattern up.

   It is now sandwiches together and your ready to stitch. 

3. Zig zag around the coaster being careful not to touch the sides. Make sure you keep the pieces taught to they don't bulge up in the middle, making your coaster wonky. If you pin it you will get pin marks in the oil cloth.

4. Cut off the thread ends and there you have it...

Coasters you can use around your little one.

Happy Thursday!

N.B. These are not toys, always watch your child around hot drinks

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