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Wednesday 14 August 2013
Nothing can sew like a vintage Singer!

Last week, I put a photo of my old Singer hand sewing machine on my facebook page and it had a lot of love over the weekend. It was lovely to see that I am not the only one who finds these old machines amazing!

A bit about this Singer. I got this one for free! Yes, it was free on Freecycle. When I picked it up I felt so bad for taking it, I went and bought the lady flowers and went back the next day with them.

I don't know what the model number is but I have been told that if I take the reference code to my local Singer Sewing Centre they can date it. How cool is that? It didn't have an instruction booklet but it did have some clues in the haberdashery box.

The previous owner (the lady who gave it to me's Mum) had a button hole foot and some loaded bobbins plus haberdashery from the local shop which looked decades old.

It does take sometime to thread up as it doesn't have a light like a modern electric machine but sewing by hand it great. You turn the handle and it makes a very exact stitch. The shuttle is a torpedo which is unusual as my others load into a pre-fixed shuttle case.

I have also to say it is very robust and can take a denim hem easily.

Over the week, I'm going to write a bit more about her. But I wanted to post tonight with a picture of me sewing in my work room.

Thank-you to sewing online for spreading the word!

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