Baby Boy Cards 1 Year On...

Monday 19 August 2013
Choo, Choo...

Train Birthday Card
I can't believe it's a year since I blogged about a new baby in our family and created this keepsake. Now he is one and time has just flown.
Baby keepsake
This little train card was an handmade, project, well how could I of not made a special effort for a first Birthday?
Some tricks I picked up to save time...
Dye cut cards are easy to come across on the internet or in craft shops. Save lots of time cutting out one.
Since I discovered washi tape I have not looked back! The little train motif is stuck on with double sided foam tape to raise it from the card.
I covered the plain card in textured craft paper and cut out the details with a spark knife. Any uneven edges where disguised using a stamp pad which was brushed against the edges in a contrast colour.
Letraset is fab for simple words on cards and it's super quick. You can place it and just rub it off.It may take a few goes to get the technique right but then you can customise cards and tag in seconds!
To add some posh details, I used a foamed backed paper then in a stamp cutter and cut out a few squares to frame the card.
Choo, choo to a cutie who is one!
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Happy Crafting,
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