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Sunday 25 August 2013

Vintage Dressmaking Inspiration

This week I tracked down a stash of vintage haberdashery, after washing and sorting it all out, it feels like a real find. Read more about it in this post.

The old lady had sorted her big buttons and small buttons and ribbons into separate boxes and I could not help but find myself thinking of where all this haberdashery had been used and pre-loved before?

Gorgeous old buttons in all shapes and sizes

More of my vintage pictures from this week on Instagram.

So, I started to look through one of my favourite vintage blogs to find a few patterns to match the haberdashery to a great vintage designs. It's called The Vintage Pattern Files and all the tutorials and patterns are free! Wendy who runs the sites does a fab job of keeping it up to date with more free and some great links too. All your vintage patterns in one place.

Here is just a snapshot of what I found to make the most of my stash -

 1940's Day Dresses

Perfect for the late Summer with a great use of those buttons on the front. I love the grey dress gathered detail to give a hour glass shape.

Australian Home Journal 1st September 1949

1930's Summer Beach Dress

This simple dress again in a nipped in waist could make a real feature of those great big fabric buttons I now have in my stash.

 Free Patten 1930's Sewing - Very Easy Dirndl Dress

1930's Style Cape

Using a trim and a fastening at the neckline.

Free 1930's sewing pattern - Shoulder Cape

If you have any great Vintage patterns post a comment and a link as I cannot wait to get started.

Happy Stitching,

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