When The Vegetarian Married The Meat-Eater, Had A Baby...

Wednesday 21 August 2013
..And lived happily ever after...

If you are here for a crafty post, you might want to skip this one...

I have never written about being a Vegetarian on my blog, it is just lifestyle  thing for me, but after commenting on this post by Suzannah http://www.adventuresindressmaking.com , I thought I should let you into our secret.

A few people have said to me, how can a Veggie and a Meat-Eater live together? Well, I will tell you how we do just that.

A lot of things in a married life are about compromise and Mr S said he fell in love with me after having my Princess Pie (a veggie Shepherds Pie). Flattery indeed!

Our new family, on Little L's Christening Day
July 2012

I have been vegetarian for 29 years (since I was 8), doing the maths, that is a long time. As a child I lived in the countryside and didn't want to eat the lambs in the field opposite our house. They would wake me up at 5am one day and the next day they were gone to market. I was upset and that was the big thing that turned me off eating meat, the bond with the animal. In the 1980's it was a big deal but now it is more accepted and I don't get the questions I used to get growing up.

Good time, family get-togethers
July 2013

We were having dinner last night and I was telling Mr.S how Suzannah had turned after 13 years and was reviewing books on bacon joints! This is some turn. For me, I would never go back, but some of my boundaries as a vegetarian have changed since I started living with Mr.S.

All these dishes started out as Veggie options and then I added the meat to them.
Pasta's, tagines, salads, chilli's...

I now cook meat for him, put cold meat in his pack up lunch and include his eating habits into our food shop. I do most of the cooking and shopping as he works long hours. We have a lot of meals that are 50% cooked as a veggie and then 50% for meat or more veggie (adding beans etc).

We have casseroles, he has steaks (I used to work in a pub so I am used to it!), we cook both types of sausages in a Toad in the hole, 50%/50%. Veggie and Non in two separate dishes in the oven. We just don't notice it anymore. It is a way of life. 

I don't eat fish, but he does and I cook this for him as I find it easier than meat. I won't cut up meat, but he cuts it up and I cook it.

As he watches his weight for his sport, he is not a big fatty meat kind of man. But I couldn't let him go veggie for me.

When we had Baby L, this was a hard one. We agreed to meet each other half way and she has fish when she is older she can choose. At the moment this works well for us all.


Little L and Me!
I find that a Vegetarian lifestyle gives me a healthy lifestyle, a low cholesterol level and loads of energy! I had a great pregnancy and a even better drug free birth. I put this down to being a healthy person.
Everyone finds there own way of being healthy, this is mine.

If you are interested in more information on being Vegetarian contact the The Vegetarian Society

We are off to have a Spag Bol 50/50 for dinner!


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